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Master TOF GC/MS. When positive identification is mandatory and mass spectrometric detection is needed, conventional Quadrupoles or Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers do not provide enough information for a reliable reconstruction of very narrow peaks over the full mass range. Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS) is the only technology capable of properly coping with this requirement due to its fast acquisition rate. The DANI MASTER TOF-MS detector performs: Fastest acquisition rates (1'000 spectra/s). Widest linear dynamic range (105) available on the market. Extremely compact bench-top instrument. Simple and intuitive MASTER LAB software offers the proper tool for a reliable control of the system, from autotuning procedures to GC and sample sequence management. A powerful data processing solution. Original deconvolution algorithm capable to handle the large amount of information in a smart and effective way. In combination with the MASTER GC, the MASTER TOF-MS is the ideal solution for Fast GC and GCxGC analyses to obtain improved productivity and performance. The MASTER TOF GC/MS system delivers complete automation of all operation steps, including standard addition. The MASTER Lab software delivers complete system control through a user-friendly interface. In addition, the MASTER TOF GC/MS system delivers complete volatile extraction when combined to the DANI autosamplers MASTER DHS Dynamic Head Space Sampler, MASTER TD Thermal Desorber, and HSS 86.50 Head Space Sampler. The combination of the MASTER GC and the MASTER AS hyphenated to the MASTER TOF-MS is the right solution for your daunting analytical tasks and is adequate for a broad range of application areas, such as cosmetics and toiletries, flavor and fragrances, agriculture, petrochemical, fuels, and energy, environmental monitoring, food and beverage, security and forensics, material science among others.  

Reference Description SU Price
Master GC base unit 1
OPT 024M, SL/IN injector 1
Tof-MS detector 1
Master Lab software, acquisition module 1
Master Lab software, calculation module 1
NIST library 1
Master AS, liquid sampler, 160 vials 1
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