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Electrophoresis: chamber horizontal MAXIGEL thermo 2. Recommended for PCR screening and pulsed field electrophoresis. Features a chilling tray connected to a running water cryostat. Running up to 352 gel samples with 8 multi well combs. Buffer volume 1800ml.
Unit with removable UV transmittant gel tray (20x24cm), 1 double combs 44/21 teeth compatible with multichannel pipettes 14/24µl, safety lid.
Dimensions: 280x370x90mm.
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MAXIGEL thermo 2 tray 1
Reference Accessories SU Price
UV transmittant tray (20x24cm) 1
UV transmittant tray (20x12cm) 1
Set of power leads 1
Gel casting system 1
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