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Master GC, fast gas chromatograph. DANI MASTER GC offers a new approach to the world of gas chromatography by dramatically decreasing sample run times in a wide range of GC applications. Faster than a conventional GC, DANI MASTER GC increases analytical productivity with an excellent sensitivity. Gas sampling valves and auxiliary ovens: Switching valves 6 or 8 port and other optional devices make DANI MASTER GC the most suitable gas chromatograph for the development of complex analytical systems in a wide range of applications. A complete accessibility of the entire system allows a simpler maintenance and an effective cost reduction. Selectivity: DANI selective detectors specifically eliminate matrix interferences while providing maximum sensitivity DANI comprehensive line of detectors guarantees a costeffective solution to your application requirements. Data acquisition: The detectors data acquisition rate is up to 300Hz for a better reproducibility and accuracy of chromatographic signals.  
Reference Description SU Price
Master GC base unit 1
OPT 024M, SL/IN injector 1
OPT 100M, ID 86/C Detection System 1
Master AS, liquid sampler, 160 vials 1
Connection kit Master GC-Clarity LAN version 1
DDS CLARITY Single Instrument Station 1
GC Control Module - CLARITY SW 1
AS Control Module - CLARITY SW 1
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