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Erlenmeyer flasks are disposable culture and storage vessels for cell biology, microbiology, or molecular biology applications. They are ideal for use on shaker equipment for culturing bacterial, yeast, and mammalian cells as well as for reagent storage.
-Provides flexibility with a 2-in-1 vented or non-vented leak-proof cap
-Allows uninhibited visualization of sample or media through the optically clear polycarbonate resin, which is lighter and safer than glass
-Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic, and nuclease-free, meets USP Class VI
-Ready-to-use, individually packaged, sterile to SAL 10-6
-Available in flat- or baffled-bottom, which provides increased agitation and aeration
Reference Volume ml Description SU Price
125 Baffled flasks 1x24
125 flat-base 1x24
250 Baffled flasks 1x12
250 flat-base 1x12
500 Baffled flasks 1x12
500 flat-base 1x12
1000 Baffled flasks
1000 flat-base 1x6
2000 Baffled flasks 1x6
2000 flat-base 1x6
Reference Accessories SU Price
Replacement cap for 125, 250 and 500ml flasks 1x72
Replacement cap for 1000 and 2000ml flasks 1x48
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