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  • Nunc 2D MicroHex Nunclon microcarriers
Nunc 2D MicroHex™ Nunclon™ microcarriers. Microscopic polystyrene non-porous hexagons for adherent cell culture. Certified surface treatment ensures excellent conditions for cell attachment and growth. 2D-MicroHex™ can be kept in suspension at low stirring speed due to the shape and low weight of the particles. This facilitates the initial cell attachment and results in a uniform coverage of all carriers. 2D-MicroHex™ are solid, non-swelling, non-porous, and non-absorbing particles. Therefore, no reagents can be trapped in the carriers, as is the case with gel particles. 2D-MicroHex™ have all the wellknown properties of Nunc cell culture plastics, including easy trypsinization of cells. Very low displacement volume/ unit surface area.  

Reference Weight g Surface cm2 SU Price
2 1500 10
10 7500 5
20 15000 5
100 75000 2
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