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Incubator CO2CELL CO2 with natural convection– atmosphera. CO2 -incubators meet requirements on absolute constant and reproducible environment for growth of cell, tissue and other cultivating cultures. Trial circuit heating management system eliminates the need of fan and consequently the risk of vibrations and contamination enormously and guarantees the maximum relative humidity with absolutely dry inner walls. Due to the air jacket system these device can be installed easily and the same holds for their maintenance. CO2 series have an innovative new door design, the chamber door seal securely seals against the heated stainless steel lining of the outer door, which eliminates the requirement for a glass inner door for most applications. Technology of CO2 measurement – infrared sensor secures continuous, precise and reliable data on the CO2 concentration in the chamber. Working temperature: 1°C above ambient temperature up to 50°C. Non-controlled relative humidity: max. 95% RH at 37°C. CO2 concentration: 0.2 up to 20%. CO2 measurement via infrared sensor.
Interior: stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) 230 V.
Reference Volume l Type Accuracy °C space/t Power W SU Price
48 S =0.2/=0.1 500 1
48 C =0.2/=0.1 500 1
170 S =0.2/=0.1 500 1
170 C =0.2/=0.1 500 1
* S = standard line; C = comfort line  
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