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Incubator Nüve. Temperature range: ambient temperature +5°C/ 80°C. Programmable microprocessor control system. User's friendly control panel located on the door, including digital displays for temperature and time. Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning and decontamination. Air jacketed heating system for highly precise and constant temperature.
Inner glass door. Very homogeneous temperature distribution by natural air convection: minimum turbulence and no cross contamination. Independant safety thermostat.
Options upon request:
-Control system (9 memories 9 steps.
-Option for max-temperature 100ºC.
-Control software and RS232 interface.
Reference Volume l
Dim. int. WxHxD mm Dim. ext. WxHxD mm # Shelves included
# Shelves maxi
SU Price
25 300x300x280 495x450x590 1 6 1
55 410x390x340 610x560x680 2 7 1
120 500x500x480 700x640x810 2 10 1
Reference Accessories SU Price
Shelf EN025 1
Shelf EN055/FN055 1
Shelf EN120 1
Shelf carrier EN025/FN032/FN300 1
Shelf carrier EN055/EN400P/FN055/FN400 1
Shelf carrier EN120/EN500P/FN120/KD200+KD400/FN500 1
* 2 per shelves  
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