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Vacuum oven VACUCELL with forced convection. Temperature sensitive, easy decomposable or oxidative materials can be dried very tenderly in VACUCELL vacuum drying ovens, where there is the opportunity of extrusion of air by inert gas. Also complicated components with hardly accessible hollow spaces are drying quick and affectively in VACUCELL ovens.
Working temperature: 5°C above ambient temperature up to 200°C. Door window. Intergrated duct for sensors etc. (Ø40 mm). Inert gas connection. Needle valve for fine dosing. Pressure resistant inner chamber. Safety valve-door VENTIFLEX.
Interior: stainless steel, mat. No.1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti) 230 V.
Reference Volume l Type Accuracy °C space/t Power W SU Price
22 S 2/0.4 0.8 1
22 C 2/0.4 0.8 1
55 S 2/0.4 1.2 1
55 C 2/0.4 1.2 1
111 S 3/0.4 1.8 1
111 C 3/0.4 1.8 1
* S = standard line; C = comfort line  
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