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Label for identification. Simplify your laboratory identification.
-Labels that “match” existing vial, slide, and well plate sizes
-Labels that are readable by everyone, every time
-Labels that are durable under extreme conditions, including freezer storage, liquid nitrogen, autoclave and hot water baths and are resistant to solvents including Xylene, DMSO and Ethanol
-Easy bar coding and scanning allowing researchers to include more label information and drastically reduce human error

Printed labels
-Ink won't smear or fade.
-Crisp, clear and readable text.
- More information fits on label.
-Easy and fast printing conception, (auto serialisation).
-Increased legibility/durability.
-Chemical and solvent resistant.

Bar code capabilities (linear & 2D). Printed labels.
-Easily identify and retrieve samples.
-Accurately track samples and chemicals from receipt to dispatching.
-Eliminate human error with log-in and inventory data entry.
-Automatically update sample information.
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