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Cold, freezers and laboratory refrigerators
COLD: refrigerators, freezers<br/>and low temperature freezers

COLD: refrigerators, freezers
and low temperature freezers

We offer many models of refrigerators and freezers, available in different sizes and capacities to meet all your needs.
You can choose among the vertical and horizontal models, covering a wide temperature range from conventional cold to ultra-low temperature (-80 ° C) for thermosensitive products storage or for long durations. A wide range of consumables and accessories suitable for these equipments are also available.

Laboratory refrigerators and freezers sold by Milian offer high security of use. They allow optimal storage of samples, products and materials at homogeneous temperatures. Of a high quality, they benefit from optimal energy efficiency. They also have many options such as an audible and / or visual alarm system, access control, VIP vacuum insulation technology...

Milian distributes products from leading brands in refrigeration technology such as PHCBI (PANASONIC), FROILABO, BINDER, LIEBHERR or ARCTIKO.

Refrigerators - Freezers : Key products

Our cold brands

Thermo PHCBI liebherr binder froilabo eppendorf
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