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Implen NanoPhotometer N120
Product description
  • Suitable for the quantification and purity analysis of nucleic acids and protein assays
  • Analyzes up to 12 samples simultaneously
  • Technical data :
    Sample volume : 2 to 3,5 µl
    Wavelength Range : 200 to 900 nm
    Resolution : < 2,5 nm
    Double-stranded DNA concentration range : 2 to 8 000 ng/µl
    BSA concentration range : 0,06 to 230 mg/ml
    Measuring time/spectral analysis seconds : 1,7 seconds per sample
    Glove-compatible 7" LED touch screen control
    Can be controlled via Window/Mac computer, tablet, smartphone (Android/IOS)
    Connectivity : Wifi, HotSpot, LAN, HDMI, USB A/B
    Internal memory : 128 GB
    Positioning aid for single or multi-channel micropipettes
    No calibration (no possibility of beam deflection) or maintenance (no lens wear or adsorption of proteins and nucleic acids)
    Available in portable version with battery kit (3 hours of autonomy)
    Optional CFR21 software for security (access control, electronic signature), data protection and backup
    Dimensions without tablet (L x D x H) = 20 x 20 x 12 mm
    Weight : 5,0 kg (5,2 kg with battery)
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