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Founded in 1959, Labcon is a global manufacturer of laboratory consumables based in California, USA. Their mission is to provide the highest quality laboratory equipment at the lowest possible environmental impact. 

Since 2000, Labcon has reduced these greenhouse gas emissions by 89% per case of product through the use of renewable energy, reduced packaging waste, and the incorporation of sustainable materials such as bioplastics and recyclable plastics when possible.

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More than 190 of their products are certified by the ACT Environmental Impact Factor label, issued by the independent non-profit organization MyGreenLab. The ACT label informs consumers about the environmental impact of products by assessing them on the following criteria:

- Production: manufacturing, use of renewable energy, use of chemicals, transport, product, packaging;

- user impact: water consumption, electricity, product lifespan;

- the lifespan: the packaging, the product.

Labcon products are manufactured with 93% clean energy, incorporate sustainable materials, minimize plastic waste, and are designed for maximum recyclability.









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