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Milian's after-sales service


Specialized in the distribution of laboratory equipment, our objective is to accompany you until the after-sales service.    
Our team of 3 people, including two technicians, is committed to responding within 48 hours to your requests for repairs or equipment installation from our headquarters in Geneva.    
We respond to all product defects or quality problems (materials or consumables).


Contact Milian's after-sale service






Head of Service SAV CHR
Philipp NEESER 
Head of Service SAV CHD
Camille Meyer
Service Specialist CHR
Service Specialist CHD
Service Technician
Jonathan EPPE
Service Technician


installation & maintenance

Proper installation, commissioning and regular maintenance are essential to ensure the safety
the accuracy of your results and extend the life of your equipment.




Exchanges, returns, delivery problems


Retours de marchandise

You made a mistake on your order and want to return the goods? 
The product does not suit you? 
The products were delivered to you damaged or defective?


You have to ratify a reserve on the transporter's bill of delivery

Then, in order to be able to take into account your complaint, please transmit us the information as of reception on the day of the delivery,  at the latest within 48 hours. Our After Delivery Service (ADS) will answer you as soon as possible.


In case of return

The modalities are specified to you, a number of return will be communicated to you. Attention: in case of writing or inscription on the packaging, absence of original cardboard, or deterioration of the product or the packaging, the return will be refused.


Control of your packages (quantity, condition, ...)

- If the products are in marketable condition or if the cause of the return is not attributable to you we will proceed with a credit note or an exchange. 
- Otherwise, the products will be sent back to you or a reconditioning fee will be deducted from your credit notes. 
- Non-catalog products ordered on request (or special manufacture) are not eligible for returns.



Customer Support Specialist